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Advance Saw and Tool: "We Give You the Edge"

Instead of throwing out dull blades and router bits, bring them in and we'll sharpen them for you.  Bradley Tools & Fasteners sharpens dull, carbide-tipped blades and router bits at a price considerably less than buying new.  We use state-of-the art sharpening equipment that provides the sharpest edge around with quick turnaround time.


  • We knock debris off the teeth.
  • We polish the blade to clean off the build up of debris.
  • We sharpen the face of the teeth by running a 600 grit stone.
  • WE TOP THE TEETH!  We make a nice factory edge on the top to replicate the sharpness of a new blade.
  • We dip the teeth in wax to protect the carbide from damage.

Do you have a tooth that has broken off?  We can put a new one on.  Router bits are sharpened on a profile grinder that customizes to sharpen any angle.  Bits are also dipped in wax to protect the carbide from damage.

New Blades and Router Bits: Pick Up and Delivery Available!

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